Why isn't my Event showing up on Google? What can I do about it?

As an event promoter, you want to make sure your target audience can find your event easily.

But wait - I just searched for my event on Google and it's not showing up! What's going on?

There could be a lot of reasons as to why your event may not display on the first page of Google's search results. But - there are some tips and tricks that can help your audience find your page.

Why isn't my event showing on Google?

  • It's too new. Google may not have indexed your website just yet. The amount of time it takes Google to index a site varies. Often, it can take at least a week.

  • Your keyword market is very competitive. Here's an example: Say you're hosting a viewing party at your local pub for the 2020 Summer Olympics. Chances are, major corporations are running programs and events around the 2020 Summer Olympics, and those websites will take precedence over yours on Google's Search Engine.

  • Paid Search adds competition. On top of that, many organizations implement paid search on their pages, pushing their URLs to the top of the list. While paid search can yield almost immediate results, it can also be very expensive.

To adjust your keywords and make your event more "searchable," make adjustments to the text entered into the Event Description field. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Head to your Event Settings tab

  2. Click on Site Metadata sub-tab

  3. Here, you will see a field labeled "Meta Description". Get creative here - use a string of words that will be totally unique to the event you're throwing (e.g. "Tony Smith's Family Barbecue Hyannis Massachusetts")

  4. Remember to save your changes by clicking on the green Save button at the top righthand corner of the screen.

Note: If your event page is set to be a Private Event, Google will not list it in search results. To ensure that your page is searchable, follow these steps:

1. Head to the Settings tab on your event page's toolbar.
2. Click into the Site Metadata section.
3. Make sure that the box that reads "Request Search Engines to NOT index this page" is not checked off.

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