How can I sync information bi-directionally with Salesforce?

One of the great perks of the Splash Enterprise License is the ability to integrate with your team's CRMs. This is a powerful and easy way to make sure that your guest data is updated and visible to other teams within your organization.

One of the most popular integrations we offer is the configuration between Splash and Salesforce.

With the correct permissions, you’ll see a button within your Guest List labeled, "Sync with Salesforce".


Note: If you need this turned on for your account, reach out to your internal Program Manager, or your team's Customer Success Manager for more information

This bi-directional sync functionality compares a campaign member list in Salesforce Sales Cloud with an event Guest List in Splash. It will add new guests to the campaign member list, and new campaign members to the Guest List. Note: Confirmation emails won't be automatically sent to any campaign members synced to Splash.

If the same email exists in both lists, then the more out of date record will be updated with data from the more recently updated record in Splash. The data that will be updated includes guest status and custom fields mapped to the campaign member object in the integration settings.  However, this will not send updated information over to Salesforce. For this, you'll want to use our debugger tool.

If a guest is removed from a Splash list, the Sync with Salesforce button will not remove that campaign member from your Salesforce campaign. However, if a Campaign member is removed from the Salesforce side, that guest will be removed from your Splash guest list.

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