Credit card declines when using Stripe payout method

So you've set up your ticketing event and are using Stripe as your payout method - Awesome! Bravo!

However, a guest reaches out at some point stating their credit card has been declined, and they can't purchase a ticket to your event - Not awesome at all.

The good news is that when using Stripe, your merchant dashboard gives you access to viewing decline reasons for your guests! Each reason will also offer advice on how to remedy the situation, such as reaching out to the card holder's bank, etc. This means that if a guest reaches out about their card being declined, you can find the culprit for this decline and let your guest know their next moves.

To learn more about all of the different reasons a card may be declined and how to look up these details, please check it out here.

Note: If you are a guest experiencing a decline on your credit card, please reach out to the event organizer by using the link at the bottom of the event page.

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