Adding guests on-site with the Android Host app

Using the Host app on Android, and looking to add a few guests on-site? No worries, we've got you covered!

Once you've selected your event from the Host app, your Guest List will open up. Toward the bottom, you'll see an icon with a + sign - this is the function to add new guests on-site:


Once you tap this icon, you can quickly add walk-in guests! Just type in the required fields (at this time, only First Name, Last Name, and Email are available for this feature) and follow the prompts.

The Send Confirmation email option is checked on by default, so be sure to uncheck this box if you don't want your new guests to receive a confirmation email. 

You can hit the Done button if you only have one guest to add, or the Save and Add Another option if you have multiple guests to add at a time. Once added, they will appear in your Guest List with a Checked In status.


Note: At this time, the +1 ability is not part of this function. However, if it is part of your form, be sure to use the self-registration option in the Host app rather than this quick-add!

Additional note: Check out our Android Host App course to learn more! 


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