What is the Field Name in my registration form?

With our new Form Builder, you can have a different Field Name than the Question LabelWondering why to make this change? Sometimes it’s best to keep things short and sweet, especially for organizational purposes.

For example, you might have the question "Do you have any food allergies?" on your on the RSVP form, but you can "Food Allergy" as your Field Name, which will appear on the contact card and guest list. 

Field Name = Food Allergy

Question Label = Do you have any food allergies?

When creating your new question on the registration form, the Field Name will automatically fill with the question's Label, but can easily be updated before saving. 


Field Name can also be utilized for language translations. As an Event Organizer, you might want your guest list and contact card to reflect "Job Title" but want to show your guests "Profession". In this example, Job Title would be the Field Name and "Profession" would be the question Label.

Field Name impacts the following: 

  • Guest List: the Field Name is used as the column header for answers to those questionsmceclip1.png

  • Contacts: the Field Name is used to filter answers to these questions


  • Integrations: all integrations will use Field Name as opposed to question labelScreen_Shot_2019-10-04_at_3.06.32_PM.png


Important Notes:

  1. Once the question is saved, the Field Name is locked from editing, so choose carefully!
  2. If a page is duplicated, the Field Names from the previous page will remain on the form. We recommend deleting the question and adding a new one to give an updated Field Name, but only if no RSVPs have been collected. 

  3. The Field Name is a required field, so a value must be entered. 

  4. Field Names must be unique and the form cannot be saved if Field Names are repeated.mceclip3.png
  5. It is possible to have two questions on the form with the same Label, they just need to have different Field Names. 

*Disclaimer: Field Name only supports English characters. Non-english characters are not supported at this time.

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