Using the QR Code scanner on the Android Host app

Whether you're scanning tickets or QR codes for a registration event, the Android Host app makes it incredibly efficient to get your guests checked in and through the door!

Here's how:

1. After you have selected the event in your dashboard on the app, tap the scanner icon in the bottom right corner.


2. If this is your first time using the scanner on the Android Host app, there will be two prompts you'll need to accept in order to move forward.



3. Once these prompts have been accepted, just line up the ticket's QR code inside the appearing scanner. You can scan either a printed ticket or the guest's smartphone screen.

4. Remain on the scanning screen to continue checking in guests. 

The device will recognize the code and automatically check your guests in, producing a green success message. If the code has already been scanned, the app will notify you of this! Alternatively, if the code is invalid, you'll get a notification on this, too.

You can also check out our education course all about using the Android Host app for event check-in - check it out here

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