How do I restrict registration to specific email domains?

As an Event Host, there are special occasions when reserving or blocking certain email domains from registering for events is needed. This is possible with our Domain Restriction tool, which you can find in your Event Settings. This tool enables you to whitelist or blacklist domains as needed, keeping your Guest List strictly business.

Keep note that domain restrictions can only be used for RSVP events, and not ticketed events. Email domain restrictions can be set on the theme level to carry down onto event pages.

To apply this feature for your RSVP page:

1. In your event, click into the Settings tab:


2. Under Event Information, you'll see the Email Domain Restriction settings on the right side:

3. Check the box next to "Restrict RSVPs to" and select your desired settings.

What are the options and what exactly do they do?
  • Restrict RSVPs to only these emails
    • The email domains entered in the text box will be the only domains guests can RSVP under
    • Use case: a private company event where only those at the company can attend 
  • Restrict RSVPs to all emails expect
    • The email domains entered in the text box will not be allowed to RSVP
    • Use case: a professional event collecting business email addresses for future work-related communication
When a guest RSVPs with a restricted email address, they will receive this error by default: "Sorry, you cannot RSVP to this event with this email." This messaging can be customized in the Edit Error Messages modal for "Email Domain Restriction":
Note: For whitelisting, guests must use the exact domain name to be able to RSVP to the event (capital letters do not matter if the domain matches).

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