Can I create a newsletter in Splash?

You're in luck – it's totally possible to create a newsletter in Splash! Our Email Sender allows you to create and send cross-application compatible email designs.

Here are a few key resources to help you kick things off:

Manage Your Message: Email Sender Features and Capabilities
Email Sender 101 Guide

Collecting Newsletter Subscribers
Create a Splash page as your Events Hub, which will allow you to collect subscribers to your newsletter. Check out our complete Event Hubs & Calendars 101 Guide!
You can even include an opt-in for the newsletter in all your event registration flows: How to collect Hub subscribers in your event pages' RSVP forms

Setting up Integrations
If you prefer, you can set up a Splash <> MailChimp integration and import your subscriber list directly into MailChimp from Splash. You can also export the HTML of Splash emails and import into MailChimp as well! Check out our article: How do I add subscribers to a Mailchimp list when they RSVP to a Splash event? for more information.

Finally, with the seamless bi-directional sync between Marketo and Splash, you can easily send a Marketo newsletter out to your Splash Subscribers. Head to the full overview: Video Tutorial: How to Integrate Splash with Marketo

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