How to create a Greenhouse API Key for Splash

Setting up your Greenhouse integration, but don't know where to get your API key from? No need to worry! Follow the steps below and you can finish your integration setup! 

  1. Navigate to your Greenhouse Dashboard
  2. Select the Gear icon in the top right corner 

  3. Next, you need to go to Dev Center 


  4. From the Dev Center, select API Credential Management

  5. Now, you need to make a decision about what is best for your team. You can either create a new API Key OR you can edit the permissions on an existing one. Regardless of the direction you choose, you need to have the below permissions enabled: 

    • Candidates:
      • GET: Retrieve Candidate
      • GET: List Candidates
      • PATCH: Edit Candidate
      • POST: Add Candidate
      • POST: Add Note
      • POST: Add Prospect
      • POST: Add E-Mail
    • Jobs:
      • GET: Retrieve Job
      • GET: List Jobs
    • Tags:
      • GET: List Tags Applied to Candidate
      • GET: List Candidate Tags
      • PUT: Add a Candidate Tag
      • POST: Add New Candidate Tags
    • Users:
      • GET: Retrieve User
      • GET: List User

Now you have an API key ready to start integrating Greenhouse and Splash!  Pick up the next steps in the integration process here: How do I create a Greenhouse integration?

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