8/6/19: Splash Host App for Android: Check-In and On-site Guide

Bring the power of Splash on-site with the Splash Host App for Android.

Complete with a simple swipe-to-check-in guest list, branded registration form, and offline mode, this app is your key to running a stress-free door.

Let’s get you started.

Downloading the app

Splash Host for Android is available on the Amazon and Google Play Store, and optimized for Android 5 (Lollipop) and above.

Logging in

Log in to the app using the same username and password combination you do on the web.


Planning to have a check-in staff at the door? For important security reasons, Splash does not allow users to share logins. To prepare your staff with a unique login per device, shoot your CSM a note, and they'll help you set up a game plan!

Accessing your events

After successfully logging in, the first thing you’ll see is a clean list of events beginning with your most recent event first. We display your event card along with other pertinent details, such date and location, to help you easily identify the event you'd like to work on.


To keep the app (and your event!) moving as swiftly as possible, we show you 10 events at a time. Just know you can always use the filter at the top to find events that are upcoming (have a date set in the future), past (have a date set in the past), or TBD (do not have a date set), or use the search icon in the upper right hand corner, or at the bottom of the events list, to locate any event you have access to.


Checking in Your Guests

Tapping on an event will bring you into the Guest List tab. We’ve optimized this view for your check-in process by including only Attending, Checked In, and Waitlisted guests by default. Not to fear! You can also use our search prompt to find guests with any other status (Not Attending, Awaiting Reply, etc.).


Guest Counts 

To get a bird’s eye view of your entire guest (including Awaiting Reply, Not Attending, and other guests) tap on the info icon in the upper right hand corner. 


Search and swipe to check-in

Search for a guest by first or last name using the search icon in the upper right hand corner. Then swipe right on a guest to change their status to Checked In directly from the search results. It’s that easy!

Checked in guests will be clearly represented in green.

Accidentally checked someone in?

By swiping right on a guest a second time, you can undo the check-in, restoring the guest to their previous status. 


Total check-ins across all devices

Each time you check in a guest with an online device, you’ll notice the status bar update with a total count of all check-ins. If you have multiple members of your team checking guests in across multiple devices, simply pull down your guest list to refresh and see the updated count.

Performing Check-In When Offline

No need to fear if your internet connection is unexpectedly interrupted: the Splash Host app offers an automatic, offline mode that allows you to continue checking in guests until internet access has been restored.

Please note that an internet connection is required to perform the following, requisite functions:

  1. Logging into the app
  2. The initial loading of an event's guest list
  3. Syncing check-ins and registrations between devices and back to desktop

Best practice: Before heading to your venue, log into all check-in devices and pre-load your guest list. If there's an internet issue, you'll be covered!

Working in Offline Mode

When your device's internet connection is lost, you'll notice a red bar running along the top of the screen.

You can simulate the loss of connection by turning on Airplane Mode. (Go ahead, give it a shot!)

Note: When a device is offline, it cannot communicate with other devices, nor will it sync check-ins and registrations back to the desktop of Splash. You are merely storing the newly collected event data locally (in the app) until connection is restored.

Each check-in you make while the connection is lost will be tabulated in an unsynced guest count in the lower right hand corner of your guest list.

When your internet connection is restored, the syncing process will initiate, showing you the number of guests remaining until the sync is complete. 

Syncing is the process of your device communicating with other devices the most up to date guest list information, including check-ins, registration, or attendee edits.

General note: When your device has a stable internet connection, it will auto-sync around every 15 seconds, with some variance depending on the quality of the network.

What happens if I leave the app before syncing?

Okay, so you submitted a bunch of offline check-ins. Then, in the high of the event being over, you put down the device, throw it in your book bag, and head back to the office. 

Where do all those check-ins go?

The moment your device is reconnected to the internet, open the Splash app up again to initiate the sync. For good measure, tap back into the event to double check the sync status.

Collecting On-Site RSVPs

Heads up! Collecting on-site RSVPs requires both an RSVP event and internet connection.

In addition to check-in, the Splash Host app also allows you to RSVP guests, which serves a variety of use-cases:

  1. Walk-in registration
  2. On-site surveys
  3. Brand Ambassador registrations and contests
  4. Field marketing engagement

Controlling On-Site RSVP Settings

Once you’re inside an event, pop into the On-Site RSVP tab to the right of Guests (it's the form icon). 

Here is where you can activate a 4-digit passcode for your RSVP form. This becomes most useful if you plan to put your device on display for guests to register themselves as it ensures that guests cannot exit the form (and hence access any sensitive information on the app) without entering the passcode.


Launching and Registering using the RSVP Form

Once you’ve decided on your passcode settings, click “Launch RSVP Form” to load your form exactly as it appears on the web - complete with designs, custom questions, conditional logic, and all.

After successful submission, you will see a confirmation screen and be redirected back to the registration form - clear of any prior guest information and ready for the next guest to submit!

Navigating Your Account Page

To access your account page, click on the avatar at the top of your events list.


Here is where you can log out, send feedback, access our support center, and clear your app cache.

Clearing your app cache becomes useful as a first line of defense if you ever find you’re not seeing an event in your events list.

Important to note: If your device has checked-in attendees who have NOT been synced yet, clearing your app cache will delete these records. We strongly suggest restoring your internet connection and syncing before clearing the app's cache! Don’t worry, we’ll show you a warning beforehand to remind you.

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