Why doesn’t my guest list update after a guest accepts an invite through the calendar attachment?

Adding a calendar attachment to your event page or emails allow your guests to save your event details like time and description directly into their personal calendar. 

To track your guests' attending status, guests must RSVP directly through your Splash event page's form. 

There is no connection between a calendar invite and the Splash page, so it is extremely important to encourage your guests to uses the Splash event page to submit their RSVP to the event.

Sounds confusing or redundant? No worries, let’s break it down! 

So, what exactly is the calendar invite attachment?

A calendar invite is a file (that uses the extension ".ics") that includes the date, time and description of your event. We refer to it as a calendar attachment because it attaches to your email - or you can download the file from your on-page confirmation.  

Here’s an example of that .ics file being downloaded from the on-page confirmation screen:



As an event organizer, there is no ability within Splash to manage or update those calendar invites once your guest adds or downloads the calendar invite file into their personal calendar. Farewell, calendar invite! 

In short, even if you use the calendar attachment feature within your email communications, on-page confirmation, and confirmation emails, any guests that accept this calendar attachment will still need to submit their RSVP information on your Splash event page.

To avoid confusion for your guests, we recommend not including the calendar attachment on invitation emails, especially for internal events or audiences that may not be as familiar with online registrations. 


P.S. Definitely make sure to check out this article on how to update your event description before sending out your invites.

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