6/25/19 Powerful Form Builder Tool

The event form: a small detail that can have a big impact. Get it right and you can delight your guests and give them a great first impression of your event, company and brand.

We’re so excited to announce some important updates and the release of our new Form Builder tool!

What can you expect?

  • Easily create smart, dynamic and compliant forms. We just made it even easier to design dynamic forms, add in conditional logic to personalize/localize the experience and collect +1 information.
  • Build up a library chock full of questions. We’ve revamped the Question Bank with brand new options. Save common or important questions for reuse across forms and events.
  • Improve your guest experience. Now every event host has the simplified tools to make registration simple and stylish.


What exactly is included in the new Form Builder:

*Brand new functionality - things we just made possible*

  • Build & see edits live
  • Question Bank (Enterprise only) - ability to easily reuse and save questions
  • RSVP ‘no’ - allow your guests to tell you if they cannot attend, right from the start
  • Plus One Custom Question and Text elements
  • Plus One Data Integrated - have all your plus one data seamlessly sent back to your system of record
  • Text Elements, Place Holder Text and Helper Text
  • Error Message Customization
  • Field Name

*Enhanced functionality - things we just made easier and more powerful*

  • Standard Questions
  • Custom Questions
  • URL Parameters
  • Response Limits
  • Conditional Logic (Enterprise Only)
  • Moving Questions Around
  • Duplicating and Deleting Questions
  • CC/BCC Question
  • Editing Form Headline
  • Question Locking
  • Styling (Enterprise Only)
  • Adding an Inline Form

Useful Resources

Learn how to build amazing forms with the new Form Builder tool.

Want to learn more? Check out our interactive course.

Listen to our recent webinar on Form Builder.

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