How do I manually unsubscribe a guest?

Recipients of Splash emails are able to unsubscribe directly from the email's footer. However, for situations where you want to manually unsubscribe a guest (from an RSVP event) follow these quick steps:

1. Hop into your event's Guest List

2. Select the guest(s) you wish to unsubscribe

3. Click "More Actions" from the action bar

4. Select "Block Outbound Emails"

5. Hit "Unsubscribe"


A few important points to keep in mind:

  • This will unsubscribe the guest from this particular event's communications AND all other events created by yourself or your teammates.
  • Guests will still receive transactional communications from Splash (confirmation emails for both RSVP and Ticketed events) but will not receive any other communications created in Splash's Email Sender.

To see which guests are unsubscribed:

1. Select "Columns" from your event's Guest List

2. Search for "Unsubscribed" and check it off

3. Hit "Save"


Guests who you manually unsubscribed will have "All Events" as the value in the Unsubscribed column.

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