1. Introduction to Splash + Marketo

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Marketo is the go-to tool for a lot of marketing teams out there, which is why we're proud to say that Splash is Marketo certified! It's also why we’ve taken such care in creating our reimagined Marketo integration. The overall structure and workflow of the integration is a logical consequence of the way that each platform is built and the problems that they each solve. It has three essential parts to consider:

  1. Representing Splash events are Marketo programs
  2. Synchronizing event guests as program members, bi-directionally
  3. And sharing additional crucial data via Marketo tokens.

 Learn more about the Marketo integration in the video below.

When an event is created, the integration creates a program in Marketo by cloning a designated template. Additional data from the event is sent over as Marketo token values, which will then be updated wherever they appear and be filled in with that new information. Whenever your event has new guests or guest statuses update, their counterpart members in Marketo will update as well – and vice versa, if you have bi-directional behaviors turned on. In the rest of this guide, we will show you how to set up this integration in Splash:

  • Accessing credentials
  • Configuring trigger behavior
  • Cloning program templates
  • Utilizing tokens
  • Program channel mapping
  • Mapping leads

By the time you’ve reached the end you’ll be equipped with the skills you need to leverage Marketo’s powerful automation features with Splash to make smarter event decisions.

Let's get started!

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