6. Program Channel Mapping

Splash keeps an eye on where in the process of attending your events guests are - tracked as the Attendee Status. Marketo has a very similar feature, Program Channel Status, which monitors where in the course of your program a given contact is.

Splash maps its attendee statuses to these program channel statuses. There’s no “correct” way of setting these program channels up, so you can create them however you like – just be sure you’ve got one Splash can map to!

Start by going into Marketo’s Admin page and finding the Tags folder.


Open New dropdown at the top and find the New Channel Option. From there, configure your statuses as best accommodates your program.


Back in your Splash integration, you can map these statuses just below the Token Mapping section. On the left are dropdowns for the Splash statuses and on the right are the dropdowns for the Marketo program channel statuses.

Simply go through and link each of these to their counterparts.


Note: You can learn more about Marketo program channels here.


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