2. How do I Create and Authenticate a Marketo (v2) Integration?

API Credentials

There are three essential parts to Marketo API credentials: A Client ID, a Client Secret, and a Munchkin Account ID. Each of these are found in the Admin page in Marketo. The Munchkin Account ID is listed in the Munchkin folder.


User Role & API Permissions

For the Client ID and Secret, you first need to have a user account with proper API access and permissions. You can set one up by going to the Users & Roles option in the left-hand menu.

Note: If you already have a role with the necessary permissions, you can skip to step 6. 

1. Find the Roles tab at the top.

2. Click New Role

3. Fill out the form details. When choosing your permission, make certain that you have the following API permissions selected:

  • Read-Only Activity
  • Read-Only Campaigns
  • Read-Write Lead
  • Read-Write Asset
  • Activate Campaign

4. Return to the Users tab.

5. New API User

6. Click on Invite New User in the toolbar at the top.

7. Fill out the form information.

8. When you get to the permissions step, be sure to check off API permissions.

Note: It is best practice to set this user as an API user only.


9. Complete the rest of the form and you’ll have an API User!

Client ID and Client Secret

Once you have that API User:

1. Go to the LaunchPoints folder.

2. Locate your API Service User.

3. Click on View Details.

4. Copy down the ID and Secret.


New Integration

With the credentials on hand we can now begin setting up the integration.

1. Go to account settings in Splash.

2. Find the Integrations tab.

3. Click New Integration.

4. Select Marketo v2.


5. Fill out the Domain (which is where your Munchkin Account ID will go), Client ID, and Client Secret.

6. Click Save Credentials at the bottom.


If you entered you credentials correctly, you should see a notice that the authentication was successful!

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