7. Mapping Splash Guests as Marketo Program Members

One of the most critical parts of the Marketo integration is making sure that Splash guests are properly mapped over to Marketo. 

You'll start by adding a Sync Lead field. You can find the Sync Leads section below the Program Mapping section. 


Just as with mapping tokens, for mapping leads you will want to know what from Splash you want to map, and where on your Marketo contact you want it mapped to. If we wanted to map first names, we would start in the Splash side:

1. Specify the object, Contact.

2. Next specify the field, First Name.

3. Then begin typing the name of a Marketo field and pick it from the results – firstName, in this case.


Follow this same process for any other fields you would like mapped between the two platforms.


Note: If you want your contacts to synchronize bi-directionally, such that changes made within Marketo will also be mirrored in Splash and vice versa, be sure to check the box below the Naming Convention, labelled “Automatically sync all leads from Marketo Programs to connected Splash event Guestlist.”

Below the field mappings you can also find a dropdown for whether to update existing contacts only, to only create new contacts, or to both create and update. You can also select whether you would like the integration to ignore empty values or not.


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