5. Sharing Information with Marketo Tokens

Marketo tokens are a great way to make more dynamic use of Splash information in Marketo. Tokens can be thought of as placeholders that will be filled in later, similar to variables in a script or program, allowing you to spend less time tediously customizing assets for each new program. Splash can create them itself via the integration - all you have to do is map them!

To do so, need to tell the integration what object (in the below example, Event), what field from that object (in the example, Title) it will be sending to that token in Marketo, and what token in Marketo (in the example, "splash_eventTitle")

1. Scroll down to Token Mapping.

2. Click Add a Field.

3. Open the Splash Object dropdown and select Event.

4. In the Splash Field dropdown select Title.


5. Finally in the far right field labelled Marketo Token Name, type out a name you can use in Marketo.

Note: You should keep in mind that in Marketo these tokens with be prefixed with "my." before the rest of the name, as indicated in the Remote Field.


You can repeat this process for any additional information you would like the integration to share with Marketo.

Note: If Splash doesn’t find the token in Marketo, it will just create a new one – so make sure you are spelling your token names correctly to ensure Splash fields are mapping to the right tokens.


Note: You can learn more about Marketo tokens in the documentation.

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