4. Synchronizing Splash Events as Marketo Programs

Splash Events are tracked in Marketo as Programs. A base template program is created that contains all of the automation rules, which is then duplicated for each Splash event.

A template program is straightforward: simply set up a program like any other in Marketo, filling out the New Program form in the Marketing Activities dashboard with a folder, name, program type, channel, and description.

Warning: We strongly recommend that you be absolutely certain that each template is created from scratch. Cloning an existing template to act as a starting point for a new one might at first seem like a smart time-saver, but it will lead to errors and other unexpected behavior in the future. The only way to truly prevent this is to start from a blank slate each time.


Back in your Splash Marketo (v2) integration, look for the Program Cloning section. To point your integration towards your template, begin typing the name of your template program in the Base Marketo Program field. Splash will search your Marketo instance for that program – select it from the list of results.


Each time an event is created now, Splash will clone that template, along with all its assets, and modify it to match that new event. The more events you host, the more important it becomes to keep them organized. Using dynamic tags with the Cloned Program Naming Convention is a great tool for doing just that. Much like Marketo Tokens, when the integration runs these tags will be replaced by the information that they point to. 

Note: You can learn more about dynamic tags – including date formatting, or a list of all available tags – by clicking here.


A list of available dynamic tags can be found by clicking the link down below the field and exploring the popup that this opens. Simply copy and paste the tags you would like to use into the Naming Convention field.


Following the naming convention, you can find a series of options for fine-tuning integration behavior.


  • Turn on all triggered campaigns for this program – Often a Marketo program’s campaign need to be manually turned on. Checking this box will automate that process, turning them all on by default when the program is cloned.

  • Automatically sync all leads from Marketo Program to connected Splash event Guestlist – Don’t let the modest trappings fool you, this option is big. Checking this box will activate the integration’s bi-directional capabilities. This means that any changes made in either of the platforms will be reflected in the other. For instance, adding a member to the Marketo program will a them as a guest in Splash as well, and vice versa.

  • Give event planners option to skip program creation – You might not want to track every single event in Marketo (for example, internal events). Selecting this option will let your event planners exclude events from being tracked by the Marketo integration.

  • Sync removed (deleted) guest and removed Marketo program members – Typically if you remove your guests from your event or a Marketo program, you would want that change to be reflected in the other platform, so we often recommend turning this option on.
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