Are you hitting your API Limit when trying to Sync with Salesforce?

Using Splash's Salesforce integrations supplies your Sales and Marketing Operations teams with all of the data points possible for the most accurate ROI analysis post-event.

However, there might be a time where you run into an issue with hitting your daily limit of API calls. If this happens, you'll receive the following error: Salesforce Error: REQUEST_LIMIT_EXCEEDED.

What’s an API Call?

An API call is when an action is requested by a server using API. For example, looking up a guest in your Salesforce environment counts as an API call. As does updating a guest status in Salesforce or adding a guest!

How do I reduce my number of API calls?

Splash provides you with a few different options to ensure you're using your API calls as efficiently as possible.

     1. Customized integrations

Depending on your setup, there might be a lot of look ups and different triggers that are in place that are API calls that will affect your total limit.

  • For example, if you are checking for a duplicate entry, that will require a look up within your Salesforce Instance.



We could look into reducing the triggers within your setup so that triggers only are turned on for necessary actions. That said, data will not sync for particular statuses not listed as a trigger, but this will reduce the number of API calls that take place allowing you to maintain your API threshold. 

     2. Controlling data re-synced to Salesforce

Re-syncing data is a quick and efficient way of passing the data that has not been successfully transferred over from Splash to Salesforce. However, this feature is not excluded from affecting the API Limit. When attempting this task, keep an eye on how many contacts you’re about to re-sync.

 If you have any additional questions, please submit a request to our Support team and we'll be able to help! 

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