How do I resolve errors when testing my Salesforce integration?

Receiving an error message can be scary!

If you select Test Integration and receive the errors shown below, you will need to re-authenticate your Salesforce credentials. Re-authenticating your Salesforce Credentials means you are logging into Salesforce again to sync the integration to your account.


These error messages are occurring due to testing--when you test the integration, the mapped fields have no where to go!

Follow the steps below to re-authenticate:

  1. Select Splash + Salesforce Settings at the top of your Salesforce integration 
  2. Under your OAuth Username, you will see a green button that says Re-Authenticate 
  3. Select the green button that says Re-Authenticate 
  4. This will prompt a new window to open where you can enter your Salesforce credentials 

Once you have completed the sign in, you'll be able to run a Test again, and all error messages should be cleared! 

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