3/25/19 Announcement: Enhanced Marketo Integration

In order to measure the value of events, syncing data to your marketing system of record is a must. But that is just the beginning.

What if you could also drive workflow efficiency for marketing operations and make smarter event decisions throughout the event lifecycle?

Well, now you can do all of this. We are excited to announce an enhanced integration with Marketo.

Here are the highlights:

  1. The choice to automate
    The new enhanced integration, enables marketing operations to set auto-clone of Marketo programs when a Splash event is created (see below). This also means that data synced from Splash is mapped directly to a lead already in a Marketo program.
  2. Smarter event decisions 
    With the enhanced integration, data can be synced from Marketo to Splash (as well as from Splash to Marketo). What this means is that when you make decisions on who to invite or tag as VIP, you can see information such as the number of pipeline opportunities associated with that guest.

  3. Control the sync
    Not only do you get full control over how data is synced back and forth, and the triggers that you want to set, we will also give you control over how frequently Splash syncs data with Marketo (via Batch API). Note: the Batch API functionality will be released from mid-May 2019.

As well as the above, the enhanced Marketo integration still delivers seamless sync of event and guest data from Splash to Marketo! Want to learn more with a live demo? Please contact your Customer Success Manager.

Ready to learn how to set up the enhanced integration yourself? Check out our new Marketo course.

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