Setting Up Your On-Demand Badge Printing

There are three main steps we're going to walk you through:

1. Setting up your iOS or Android (coming soon)

2. Connecting your printer to WiFi

3. Connecting your iOS device to the printer

To get started, here are the requirements you'll need to meet for successful badge printing:

1. iOS or Android (coming soon) device with the latest Splash Host App

The iOS Host App requires iOS 10.0 or later, and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

We find that iPhone+ models with extended battery cases are best for their size and speed. When using Kiosk mode, medium-sized iPads are ideal

The Android Host App requires Android 5 (Lollipop) and above

2. A WiFi device, such as a router, MiFi, etc.

3. Brother QL-820NWBBrother QL-810W, or Brother QL-720NW

4. Brother DK2205 paper tape

IMPORTANT! Please dispose the DK2251 paper that comes with the printer. This paper type is not supported.

In order to print badges, both the printer and your mobile device must be connected to the same WiFi network.


The strength and consistency of the connection are essential to successfully printing.

For on-site printing, we recommend using a mobile hotspot. Why?

1. It will allow you to configure your printer and devices before your event.

If you're using the same hotspot for all events, your printer will remember the hotspot.

2. It provides a dedicated internet connection for multiple devices.

3. There are fewer settings to manage for an effective connection. 

If you'll be connecting to a standard or venue's WiFi network, please ensure the following settings are activated so that all devices can properly connect:

1. Must offer at least 2.4 GHz frequency to accommodate the printers

2. Client Containment setting is Off to allow devices to communicate to the printers

3. Access Point is in line-of-sight of registration area to ensure that there is a strong signal at registration

4. Create Private SSID for registration devices to portion a part of the internet signal to be dedicated to the registration network.

Setting up your device:

1. Splash Host app is installed and up-to-date

2. Airplane mode is enabled with WiFi on

3. Settings and Splash app icons are in bottom toolbar; all others apps to be removed or placed in a folder

Connecting your printer to WiFi:

The Brother QL820-NWB can be connected to the registration network over WiFi or via ethernet. For events with 100+ guests, we recommend using ethernet.


The ideal Brother QL820-NWB device profile is as follows:

1. Menu > Template Settings > Template Mode > OFF

2. Menu > WLAN > Network Mode > Infrastructure Mode


And connecting the Brother QL820-NWB to network:

1. Open WLAN > Infra Manual Settings


2. Choose your WiFi network

3. Enter the WiFi password, then press OK after success

NOTE - This process may be tedious, but remember to press OK after you are connected!


Connecting your iOS device to the printer:

1. Connect your device to the same mobile network that the printer is connected to.

2. Open the Splash Host app.

3. Find your event and tap on it

4. In the top navigation, tap on the the Dashboard tab

5. Next, tap on Badge Printing

6. Then Connect to Printer

7. The app will scan the internet network for your printer...

8. Select the printer by tapping, then save!


Coming soon: To connect your Android device to a printer, check it out here.

Nice, you're now ready to print! Let's jump into Badge Printing on iOS!



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