Can I design my page to look differently across devices?

An overall best practice to ensure your Splash page is designed to be the best version of itself is to keep the block structure consistent across all device views. 

But variety is the spice of life, right? We totally hear you and realize there are instances where a variation of your page design may be needed specifically for smaller devices. So while it's possible to create blocks that are unique to Phone/Tablet, keep in mind that it's not the easiest and most scalable solution.

Are you looking to only update imagery across devices? No problem! We have a different recommended route that doesn't involve creating multiple variations of the same block – check out What settings can I edit in all devices (Desktop, Phone, & Tablet)? for best practices when updating background imagery.

Pros & Cons of Device-specific Blocks

The Hide/Show "eye" icon can be used in each view (Desktop/Phone/Tablet) to hide blocks, containers, and elements on certain devices if you must create a block that's specific to a certain view.




What are the pros?

1) Ability to create a different version of a Desktop block to display only on Phone or Tablet

2) If a block structure is very complex and contains multiple elements on Desktop and needs to have a simplified layout on smaller devices

What are the cons?

1) Building multiple versions of 1 block for different devices is essentially the same as adding 3 new individual blocks to a page. If there is an excessive amount of blocks on a page, you may begin to see slower page loading times. Check out our best practices to ensure your page maintains its highest speed: How do I keep my Splash page loading quickly?

2) Creating mobile-specific blocks is not the most scalable option since it requires you to update 2 blocks instead of 1 block

3) If you or any of your collaborators need to duplicate the page, it can be easy to overlook various versions of the same block

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