What settings can I edit in all devices (Desktop, Phone, & Tablet)?

When you're designing in Splash in Designer Pro mode, you've probably noticed that you aren't always able to edit all settings when switching from Desktop view over to Phone or Tablet.

As a general best practice, we encourage you to design the page entirely on Desktop first. Every visual edit, layout adjustment, and content change in this main view carries over to Phone and Tablet, so you can be assured this will generally scale appropriately across all devices.

That said, once you choose to make a visual change on Phone or Tablet, you have now "unlocked" the view you are currently editing from the others meaning it will now operate independently. Having the ability to make adjustments to your event page on only Phone or Tablet without having those same changes affect the design of Desktop is a luxury! Just keep in mind that the view you have edited has now separated itself from being tied to the original (Desktop).

Here's the list of things a designer CAN change from device to device:

  • Size of text
  • Text Alignment
  • Line Height
  • Letter Spacing
  • Text Case (Text Transform)
  • Width/Height
  • Margin/Padding
  • Positioning alignment (Float)
  • Border Radius, Style and Width
  • Background Imagery
  • Ability to Hide/Show Blocks, Containers and Elements

Here's the list of things that a designer CANNOT change from device to device:

  • Actual text content
  • Font Color
  • Font Family
  • Border Color
  • Background Color
  • Cropping Imagery
  • Organization and order of Elements/Blocks

These list items above can only be altered inside of Desktop view.

Background Images

There's one last thing to keep in mind when editing imagery across devices. The beauty of multi-device design is that you can easily change the background image of the same block on Phone and Tablet to be different from the original image on Desktop. So, if you have a beautiful landscape oriented image set as the background on Desktop, you can swap that background image out with something more vertical in orientation on Mobile. The possibilities are endless!

However, once you jump back over to Desktop view to update the background image again, that new image will take precedence and be updated again across all views. As a reminder, make sure you have everything set up the way you want on Desktop first, then move on to mobile and tablet.

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