Marketo Errors: Error Code 600

Ever run into this error code when checking your Marketo trigger activity log but not sure what’s happening? If you have, it is important to understand what this actually means. On Marketo’s website, it is labeled as “Empty access token.” This is then defined as “An Access Token parameter was not included in the request.


At first glance this can be a ton of things, however, within Splash, we need to make sure that you are authenticated properly. Since an access token has a life span, it is important to re-authenticate once the Access token changes.

Authenticating within Splash is an easy task. It simply creating a new marketo connection for that trigger.

The steps below will help guide you through the process!

1. Log in to your Splash account and pop into your Account Settings.

2. Navigate to your Integrations Dashboard to add a new integration.

3. Select Marketo from the Integrations Menu:


4. Here is where you'll be prompted to authentic your account (note that this Authentication Screen might open in a new window.)


5. We'll find the information for the three required fields (Client ID, Client Secret, and Domain) within Marketo! To find these values...

  • Log into your Marketo account
  • Click "Admin" in the top right
  • First, find your "Domain" value by clicking Web Services under Integrations


  • Under the REST API section of Web Services, you will find your 9-digit value "Domain" displayed in the Endpoint field.


*You'll notice the 9 digits start after "https://" and end before ""

  • Copy this value and paste it into the "Domain" field on the Authorization Screen.

  • Now, to find your "Client ID" and "Client Secret" values, pop into LaunchPoint (also under the Integrations section of your Marketo admin account).


  • Find your API service name from the list of installed services and click "View Details."


  • Voila! Here is where you can copy your "Client ID" and "Client Secret" values and paste them into the corresponding fields on your Authorization Screen.


  • Once your Authorization Screen is filled out, the last step is to click the "Authorize" button.

    It's configuration time! 
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