How it works: Passing fees onto buyer while using Stripe

By default, your tickets are configured to pass the default Splash fees (now 1.6% + $0.49 per ticket when using Stripe) onto your buyer. However, the question everyone is asking is: Can I pass all of the ticket fees onto buyers, even when connected to Stripe?

The truth is, Stripe's processing fee cannot be passed on to your buyers and Splash does not have any control over these. Instead, the Stripe fees will be deducted from each transaction at the time of your payout.

If you wish to continue to pass the Splash fees onto your buyer, you won't need to change a thing! Buyer and revenue totals will be listed accordingly when creating your new Ticket:


If you would prefer to absorb the Splash fee for your buyers, just toggle the selection to Absorb Splash fee. This will change your estimate view to this:


As you can see, both options will show the approximate processing fee for Stripe, as well. The exact amount can be found in your Stripe Merchant Dashboard. As a reminder, Stripe Merchants start at 2.9% + .30 cents per transaction.

You can read more information about Stripe's pricing here.

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