Where did my event page go?

I can't find my event anywhere. What do I do?!

Step 1: Don't panic. This is a common situation!

Here are a few troubleshooting steps you can take to ensure that your event finds its way back home into your Splash dashboard.

Question 1: Did I delete my event?

Typically when an event is deleted, the URL will no longer re-direct to your event page. Rather, you will land on the Splash homepage. If you accidentally deleted your event, you can always reach out to support@splashthat.com with the name of the event and the date/time it was deleted at, and we'll revive it for you!



Question 2: Did I change the organization of my Dashboard?

Maybe all you have to do is change view via the dropdown bar on the Events Dashboard. You can view your events in by event date, date created, latest page update, or alphabetical order. So, if you're looking for an event that already happened, make sure that your dashboard is not organized by the Upcoming option.

Question 3: Can I still access the event via a URL link?

This is a very common occurrence: maybe an account holder saved your event page as a theme. Saving events as template themes is a great way to create new, identical event pages to use again in the future. But keep in mind - when you save an event as a Theme, it will no longer be considered an 'event', and it will disappear from your Events Dashboard. Don't worry - this is fixable! To revive your event and save a duplicate copy as a template, follow these steps:

  1. Log into Splash using your credentials
  2. Duplicate the Event Page via your URL link
  3. Head to the Themes tab on your Events Dashboard
  4. Hover over the theme in question and click on the blue Theme Options button that appears
  5. Select Unset as Theme
  6. This should revert your Theme back to an Event Page
  7. From here, we need to duplicate the event, so that one copy can be saved as a theme. To do so, you can the steps listed out in our Help Center article: How do I save a Splash page as a theme?
  8. Make sure that you share the theme with the same people and groups - so that your colleges can use it too!

Typically, we advise duplicating a page before saving it as a theme, so that one copy can live in the themes dashboard, and the other (i.e. your event or Hub) can live and function as a normal page.

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