How do I create a pop-up window?

A modal in Splash can be compared to a light-box or pop-up window. It's the perfect block to allow your guests to view more information on a speaker or create an advanced schedule experience! Modals are available with our Enterprise offering, Splash for Business.




Where can I link a modal?

A modal can be linked to button and square elements. Any time you see the Edit icon, a modal can be linked.



How do I add a modal?

  1. In the Layout Tab, click the purple square plus sign
  2. Select the Building Blocks section
  3. Click Modal



Can I customize a modal?

Any element in our Element Library can be added onto a modal. This means you can customize your modals with images, text, social icons and more!


How can I access to modals I have on my page?

Modals will live under the Modal Container section of your layout tree. They can be edited and adjusted just like any other block in Splash!

Please note: Adding a large amount of robustly designed modals that include several elements, especially image elements, to your page can decrease page load times and generally doesn't create the best guest experience. While we encourage the use of modals, it's important to design with this rule of thumb in mind and stick to a maximum of 10 modals per page.

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