Can I collect credit card information to charge attendees at a later date?

While Splash does not currently offer the option to store guests' credit card information to charge at later date, we do have a recommended workflow for event organizers who want attendees to register in advance before making payments.

1. Collect interest with pre-registration

Set up a pre-registration RSVP page for interested guests to apply to attend your ticketed event using our Waitlist functionality, available with an Enterprise license. 

For instructions on how to set up an apply-to-attend page, check out the article below:

2. Release tickets 

Whether there's a public announcement or granting on a rolling basis, use the Splash Email Sender to send approved guests a link to a separate event page to purchase tickets.


Additionally, Splash offers a variety of privacy options to keep those tickets exclusive, such as allowing you to password protect or restrict page access to specific email addresses (Enterprise only).

Check out more at: Can I restrict who has access to my Splash page?


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