How do I unsubscribe from an event?

No longer attending an event and want to discontinue email notifications? Need to remove yourself from the email list for a specific company? No problem!

Unsubscribe preferences can be managed through the Unsubscribe link located at the bottom of every Splash email.


There are two different unsubscribe options that can be selected:

1. Unsubscribing from an event

2. Unsubscribing from an event and all other events within the host organization



Unsubscribing from an event

Select the first option to unsubscribe from communications from the event and then hit the Confirm Unsubscribe button. Once unsubscribed on the event level, a confirmation screen will appear with a link to the event page that the RSVP was submitted for originally.


Uh-oh! Unsubscribed from an event and need to resubscribe?

If you've unsubscribed from an event and need to resubscribe, don't worry - we've got you covered! Open the original email you unsubscribed from and click on the Unsubscribe link again. 

The link will provide you with the option resubscribe to the event along with a link to the event page itself so you know exactly what you're getting back into :)


A confirmation message will appear once the Resubscribe button has been selected. This will verify that emails can be received from the event once again.


Unsubscribing from the event AND all other events within the host organization.

Much like the event level, the unsubscribe process from all other events within the host organization begins by selecting this option on the unsubscribe page and clicking on the Confirm Unsubscribe button. 

A confirmation screen will appear confirming that you've unsubscribed from the event and all host organization communication along with a link back to the event page.


Be careful when selecting this option. Not only will you be unsubscribing from the event, but ALL event invites, emails, reminders, etc. from any contact that works at the company the original event is associated with.

Uh-oh! Unsubscribed to the event and host organization and need to resubscribe?

1. You really need to get better about about unsubscribing! 2. We've got you covered - again ;)

Resubscribing to the event and all emails from the host's organization can be accomplished by locating the original email that the unsubscribe was tied to and clicking on the Unsubscribe link again.

This will route back to a resubscribe page with a link to the event page that you unsubscribed from. Click on the Resubscribe button to be looped back into the event communications and any other emails from the host organization moving forward.


A confirmation screen will appear once the resubscribe has been completed.


That's it! Once you resubscribe, your inbox will be full of incredible event invitations once again!  

If for any reason the individual looking to resubscribe does not have access to an old email in order to do so on their end, we'll just ask that you loop them in for approval to re-subscribe and we can help out! Reach out to us here.

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