How do I get started with Stripe?

Connecting your Event Page to Stripe

1. Navigate to your Tickets Tab, then hop into the Payouts Center.


2. After selecting Stripe as your payout option, you'll be prompted to create a new Stripe account (or connect an existing account).

It's recommended - but not ultimately required - that someone authorized to sign on behalf of your company, like a Controller or another member of your Finance team, fill out the Stripe application form. This form requires businesses and individuals to provide:

  • EIN Number
  • Social Security Number 

For more information, or to create a new Stripe account now, please visit Stripe's registration site here.

3. Upon completion of setting up or connecting your Stripe account, you'll be brought back to Splash. Here is where you can proceed with updating your purchase descriptor.


Accessing Your Stripe Dashboard

Your Stripe Dashboard can be accessed at any time by:

1. Clicking the "Take Me to Stripe" button from Splash's Payouts Center or

2. Navigating directly to Stripe's website.


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