Exactly how much is the fee per ticket when using Stripe?

Stripe has control over their payment processing fees, but we'll be happy to give a breakdown of those here! As a reminder, because the tickets will still be sold on the Splash platform, there will be a Splash service fee as well.

Stripe Fees

Stripe merchants start at 2.9% + .30 cents per transaction. This is known as a payment processing fee, which Splash does not have any control over.

Merchants who surpass $100k a year in sales via Stripe are eligible for discounts. Additionally, any organizer that has already negotiated fees with Stripe for their merchant account, and has connected that account to their Splash page, will be charged their negotiated fees.

Find more information on Stripe's pricing structure here.

Splash Fees

Our Splash basic service, if connected to Stripe, is 1.6% + $0.49 per ticket

Total Breakdown

Between Stripe and Splash fees, the total breakdown of ticket fees for Splash basic users typically* comes out to: 

  • 2.9% + .30 cents in Stripe processing fees
  • 1.6% in Splash service charge fees
  • $0.49 per ticket for Splash operational charges

*We say typically because Stripe processing fees can be negotiated directly with Stripe.

Tickets sold through Splash Enterprise are subject to a discounted fee rate. Reach out to your Customer Success Manager for more info!

Additionally, if your organization has non-profit status, be sure to email support@splashthat.com and  sales+nonprofit@stripe.com separately for more information about how to work together on both service and processing fees.


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