How do I update my Salesforce Integration credentials?

If you encounter an INVALID_LOGIN error when attempting to access your Salesforce Integration, this can typically be resolved in a few simple steps. 
Here's what to do to get your integration back up to speed in no time and account for any data loss.

Update your Username or Password

  1. Log into Splash and head to your Salesforce integration portal

  2. Open the top option Splash + Salesforce Settings.

  3. Here, you can edit your username and password to make sure everything is in order.


Reset and Replace Security Token

If you're still running into issue after updating your username and password, the next thing to check out is your Security Token. You may need to reset your Security Token from Salesforce. Follow the steps below to get this started.


  1. Head to and login. 
  2. Select View Profile on the top right corner, and head to Settings
  3. From here, choose Reset Security Token.
  4. Once generated take your new Security Token, and place it in your Splash + Salesforce Settings. Don't forget to save!


Test Integration and Re-trigger Sync

Now we can test the integration, to see if the login failure has been resolved. Follow the instructions below once you've saved your integration.

  1. Select the Test Integration button located toward the top of your Salesforce integration portal.
  2. If you see success you're all set! 

That should do it! Now you can set things to re-trigger and sync for active events. You can learn more about this process in our FAQ: Performing a re-sync with the Salesforce Debugger.


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