Creating a Buy One, Get One Free Ticket Setup

How can I make my tickets buy one, get one?

Wondering how you can offer a buy one, get one 50% off ticket deal for your attendees? 

Check out the below steps to set this up!

Note: In this example, we've set the fees to be passed off to the ticket buyer, but check out EXACTLY how much is the fee per ticket? if you're looking to absorb the fees!

1. You'll want to create a specific ticket type for this offering. You can do this by selecting "New Ticket Type +" in the top righthand corner of the Tickets tab:


2. You'll want to set the minimum number of tickets per order to be 2. If you'd like, you can also set the maximum number of tickets to be 2 so guests don't buy more per order!


3. Let's set the ticket price! Your original ticket is $55, 50% off is $27.50, plus you want someone to purchase a full priced ticket at $55 for a total spent of $82.50. Set the individual ticket price to $41.25. 


This way, when guests by these two tickets, they still pay a total of $82.50. 




Tip: To avoid creating any confusion for guests, we recommend adding a description on this specific ticket type. Here, we've explained that the total cost is the price of one ticket plus 50% off another:



Looking to set up a discount code instead? Check out this help center article: How do I create a discount code?


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