How do I send my guests a list of their confirmed sessions?

Disclaimer: Sessions is currently in the development phase and is not in general release. If you’d like to learn more, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

There are two ways that guests can view their confirmed sessions.

1. Through an email.

Individual confirmation emails cannot be sent for each individual Session. This not only protects your guests' inboxes from being inundated with Sessions confirmations, but also allows you to send out one comprehensive list of Sessions guests have registered for. 

Instead, a dynamic tag can be used in emails to provide a complete list of each confirmed Session. The dynamic tag to pull in these sessions can be found under the personalization tags as [confirmed_sessions]This will display each session title, separated by commas, that a guest signed up for.

We recommend using the Reminder email template to send out a list of confirmed Sessions prior to the event start date!


 2. Using the Show My Agenda button.

Alternatively, you can add the Show My Agenda button to your Sessions Page. This button will allow guests to view their customized agenda and can be added from the the Sessions Page design.

A wait list can also be enabled for each session and the dynamic tag that can be used in emails to display this information is [waitlisted_sessions].

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