How do I email my guests with a list of their confirmed Sessions?

Now that your sessions are in place, it’s important to review the preconfigured email templates that are included in your Sessions theme.

To view these templates, head to the Email Sender:


The two email templates you’ll specifically want to review are the confirmation email (dependent on if your event is RSVP or ticketed) and the Sessions Reminder email.

Image_2019-12-15_at_9.11.57_PM.pngWondering how guests will be able to access the Sessions page with their agendas? Glad you asked! 

The Reminder and Confirmation emails will contain a specific Modify Selections button that guests will need to click on in order to access the unique link housing their sessions information.

Confirmation Email:


We strongly recommend keeping this button in both the confirmation email and the reminder email so that guests consistently receive communication that directs them back to the Sessions page for any modifications that need to be made. Reminder: guests can only access their specific sessions from this button which houses their unique sessions link.

In addition to the Modify Sessions button, the Sessions Reminder email will include a waitlisted and confirmed sessions tag.

Reminder Email:


These tags will display with the corresponding sessions in a guest’s email:


Now that you’ve confirmed your emails are in order, it’s time to start letting the RSVPs roll in. Our next article will show you how to manage your guest list with Sessions

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