How do I add guests to a session?

Disclaimer: Sessions is currently in the development phase and is not in general release. If you’d like to learn more, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

In order to add a guest to a Session, the guest will first need to be added with an Attending or Checked In status in the Guests/RSVPs tab.

As a heads up, guests can personally RSVP or buy a ticket or they can be manually added to the event to be eligible for session enrollment. Once the guest is on the guest list, open the Sessions Manager and click the Add Guest button under the Guest List tab. There will be two options to add guests from the Sessions Manager. 

1. From This Event

This add guests directly from the Guests/RSVPs tab.This will open a menu of the guest list where you will check off guests you want to add. 





2. From Other Sessions

This allows you to add from other Sessions' guest lists.




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