How do I filter my Sessions?

Once the content of your Session has been added, the next step is to filter your Sessions as needed.

As a reminder, your session information will live on-page as well as on the Sessions Page that guests will be directed to after RSVPing. However, guests will only be able to register for Sessions from the Sessions Page itself.

Below is the breakdown of how to filter your Sessions on-page and on the Sessions Page:

On-page Sessions:

  1. Open the event page in editing mode. 
  2. Click on the Sessions Block (the block housing the Sessions element)
  3. Open the Track 1 element and click on the Session element.

From here, you’ll see how the Session element is being filtered to display the session per track:


Each Sessions track can be filtered by tags, rooms, and date. Any of these filters can be removed by opening the Sessions element and de-selecting the applied tag. Once the proper filters are applied on the first track, be sure to hop back into any other tracks on the page to ensure the necessary filters are applied as well.

Sessions Page

Click on the Sessions Page touchpoint from your Event Dashboard to open the Sessions page itself.




Here you’ll see the Session element that’s featured on-page, along with a separate filter for Tags, Rooms, Days, Times, and Dates:


These filters can remain in place or hidden. The display of these filters can be adjusted by opening the Sessions Block and and clicking on the Sessions Filters element. Each of the filter options can be found here:


Upon opening a filter tab, deselect any of the filter options you don’t want to display. This will automatically remove the option from the filter itself. 

Once the necessary filters are in place, make sure to hit Save in the top right! Heads up! This will only save the filters applied specifically to the Sessions page itself. 

The Sessions Page will also include a Sessions Agenda Button, which will display a modal with all registered sessions for the guest.




Inside of the modal will be a button to add all events to their calendar. Clicking on this button  will create a download that a guest will need to import into their corresponding calendar. Check out our article on these steps here. 

Once you’ve added your sessions, reviewed the filters and display on-page and on the Sessions page itself, you’ll want to review your email templates before you start promoting the event! Check out this next article to explore all preconfigured emails that come with your Sessions theme.



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