How does Sessions registration work?

Disclaimer: Sessions is currently in the development phase and is not in general release. If you’d like to learn more, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

Sessions registration can be configured one of two ways: 

Sessions Page: After initial registration, guests receive an email that directs them to a page separate from the main landing page to create a more immersive Sessions registration experience.

Same-Page Registration: Guests RSVP and the immediately register for Sessions within the same landing page.

Below is a breakdown of the two different methods that can be taken to register for Sessions!

1. Sessions Page:

The Sessions Page can be created and designed directly from the Sessions Manager. This flow will create a separate landing page for your guests to RSVP to their Sessions meaning that the Sessions won't live on the landing page itself.

Guests will RSVP, receive an email where the button will have the Sessions Page link, and then will be taken to a Sessions only page to register and curate their agenda.

When using the Session Page Design option within the Sessions Manager, the Sessions dynamic tag [session_page_URL] will need to be placed into an email so that guests can access the Sessions registration page.

Remember that this page technically lives separately from the landing page so guests will need to be provided a link to get there.

We suggest adding the Sessions dynamic tag within the button of the Confirmation email to direct guests to their Sessions registration. Check it out below! 


This will ensure guests are directed to the Session Page where they can register and build their schedule.

2. Same-page registration:

Instead of using the Sessions Page option, a Sessions element can added directly to the main registration page to create a same-page registration experience.

Guests will need to complete their initial registration. Once this is complete, they can scroll down on the same landing page to register for their Sessions and create their agenda.

Whether using the Session Page Design option or adding a Sessions Element directly to the page, guests will always need to complete initial registration to the page first to be eligible for Sessions registration.

When to use Sessions Page vs. Same-Page Registration:

If you don't have your Sessions completely fleshed out at the time of your event's launch, we recommend using the Sessions Page so that Sessions can be added at a later date. If you know all of your Sessions information and want guests to be able to RSVP and then immediately sign up for Sessions, we suggest using the same-page registration method! 

Ultimately, we leave the decision up to you to decide how you want to present Sessions to your guests! You can provide your guests with their confirmed sessions one of two ways. See our article on how to remind guests which sessions they signed up for!



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