What are Sessions and when should I use them?

We’ve known it from the beginning. Events are not always hosted at one time and place, they don’t always have one speaker or one workshop, and they aren’t always a one (day) and done deal.

That’s why we’ve been working tirelessly to bring you the answer to all your questions, the golden egg of events: SESSIONS.

Sessions allow you to build a one-day or two-day multi-track events to bring your guests the ultimate event experience. 

You can now create a variety of time slots for smaller workshops, discussions, and trainings within one event page without creating numerous ticket types! The possibilities are endless.

Sessions can be used with both RSVP and ticketed events. For each individual session, there is the option to close registration at a certain number of attendees, activate waitlists, and add tags for guests - but more on these features later!

The best part about Sessions? They can be customized so that your guests’ experience remains on brand.

When will using Sessions benefit me most?

  • Multi-track conferences and conventions for one or two-day events
  • Large trainings with workshops and discussions
  • Meetings with multiple breakout sessions
  • Consulting events

Why should I use Sessions?

The better question to ask yourself is why shouldn’t you use Sessions? Sessions allow you to:

  • Create multi-track conferences with individual breakouts
  • Allow attendees to curate their own Sessions agenda
  • Segment attendee lists for Session specific emails

Interested in learning more about Sessions? First, you’ll need to reach out to your Customer Success Manager to get set up. Next, you’ll gain access to the Sessions Manager and Sessions theme. Find out more about this access here.

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