Zapier <> Twilio Integration with Splash - Sending Texts before an Event

Integrations on integrations! Here's an example of how you can use Zapier and Twilio. In this use case, below are the steps to follow in order to send an SMS text message out before your event. You'll need two things to get started:

1. Zapier Account

2. Twilio License

Here are the basic steps to set you up for success:

1. Set up a New Attendee trigger in Zapier, which activates when someone RSVPs for an event.

2. Set up the Date/Time in the Zapier Formatter. This is the Zapier function that allows your text to send at a specific time. It lets you format any time you'd like to send a text, relative to the event's start date. You can have the text send "x" hours/days before the start date of the event and manage your communication schedule this way. 

3. Set up Send SMS functionality in Twilio. This is where you will need a Twilio license to send out the SMS text messages, which gives you a phone number to be able to send messages from. Once you have a created an account and purchased with credits, you can just sync the sending phone number with Zapier to allow for the auto-texts.

Here is a video demonstrating these steps!

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