Send emails on the go via the iOS Host App

Last minute instructions? Special surprise? Cancellation? Emergency?

Some of the most important event emails need to be sent when you're NOT in front of the computer.

The Host app empowers you to send out fast, plain-text emails to any guest list segment — right from your iOS device.


Here's how it works:

1. Open any event, then begin a new email in the Message Center.




2. Write out your email. You can even include personalization tags, such as the guest's name or the event page URL. 




3. Choose your recipients: you can add them by status, list segment, and ticket type.

4. Review and SEND!



The sent message will be simple, clean, and effective - offering a nice, personal touch for your highly pertinent missives.

Then after the event, head back into Splash Email sender: any email you send from the app will be have the same engagement analytics as your other email campaigns.  

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