Testing the Configuration

To ensure everything is working correctly, the configurations should be tested. To do so, we will create a test event (or use an existing one) and then RSVP to it as a guest to activate the config and see the process in action.

Completing a Test

1. First, return to your Events Dashboard.


2. At the top of the page find the “Create Event” button.


This opens up a form for a new event.

3. Enter some appropriate test information and click “Next.”

Note: The event URL must be unique.


4. Then, choose a theme for the event, and edit the page as desired.


5. To simulate an RSVP, click on the eye icon in the toolbar to the right of your Splash page. This will allow you to view the event from a guest’s perspective.


6. Click the RSVP button, and fill out the form.

Note: this will send a message to the entered email address, so be careful with which one you choose!


7. Then, click Submit.



The Activity Log

Now you can check to see if the integration worked properly when the RSVP was submitted. This can be done within Splash by viewing the activity log in the configuration. To do this:

1. Return to the integrations screen.

Reminder: This page is located within your Account info, accessible via the User Account icon on the upper right when you log on to Splash.


2. Click on your config to open it. Scroll down to the bottom of the config, and below the “Add a Field” button is a button for “Activity Log”--select this.


3. The log that pops up will show a list of all the activity in that config. This one shows the recent guest RSVPs. Clicking on “Show Details” will open up more information about that activity.

Note: Don’t worry if you don’t see the recent activity right away! The queue for integrations can sometimes get backed up, so it might take a minute or two for the activity to show up and the integration to activate.


4. The window now displays the HTTP request sent to Eloqua.


5. If you scroll down to the bottom, you can see a successful 200 code.


Verifying in Eloqua

The last stage of the test is to verify that the information was properly entered into Eloqua. To do so:

1. Log in to your environment.


2. Mouse over the contact menu.


3. Click on “Contacts.”


4. In the contacts screen, search for the name or other identifying information of the contact you used to RSVP.


5. You should see the search return a new record matching the information you entered in the form.




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