6/5/18 - Create "smart" RSVP forms with conditional logic (beta)

It’s now easier than ever to create a smart registration form with conditional logic

Guests are like snowflakes: no two are identical. So why should each guest have the same registration experience?

With our latest release of Forms 3.0 (available with a Splash for Business account), hosts can personalize their guests’ journeys through registration by controlling which custom questions show or hide based on answers provided. (The scientists over at Splash call this magic “conditional logic”.)

The result? Less friction between your guests and the RSVP button, as well as a collection of specific, relevant data that hosts can use to later optimize each guest’s in-person experience.

Here’s how it works: 

  1. After signing up for our Forms 3.0 beta program (Splash for Business accounts only), head to your brand new Form builder tab. Note how you can now see (IRL) your RSVP form coming to life as you make edits!


  2. In this example, we want to personalize our registration based on whether or not a guest is actually able to attend. Click Add Question and select our (now completely customizable) “Are you attending?” question type.


  3. Now, based on a guest’s answer to that question, we want to decide the next direction to take them. In this case, if the guest is attending, we want to ask whether or not they plan to bring a guest.  

    Go ahead and add another question from our bank, this time our “Bringing a guest?” question type.


  4. As you hover of the “Bringing a guest?” question (or any custom question on your form), you’ll notice a brand new icon.


    By clicking on that icon, a window will open, giving you complete access to control the logic and rules of that question; or, in other words, when you’d like that question to appear!


  5. You’ll notice by default, the question is set to “is always visible”.

    By clicking the Add Condition option we can adjust what conditions are needed for this question to appear.

    In this example, we want this question to only be visible when our previous “Are you Attending?” question equals Yes. Hit the Apply Logic button and your smart form is ready to rumble.


  6. Save that Form in the top right to see it in action! Note the difference in experience in this small example when a guest is attending vs. not attending.

Pretty easy, right? While this is a basic example of the powers of conditional logic, the possibilities for personalization are endless.

Sign up for our Forms 3.0 beta program to get experimenting!

Not yet a Splash for Business user? Get in touch with our team and we’ll give you a personalized tour of the Business plan!

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