Can I host an international event through Splash?

So you're looking to host an event outside of the United States? 

Good news - Splash has already provided the platform for events in over 180 different countries, so yes, this is definitely possible!

For Splash Basic, you can host a RSVP event in any country. You can even sell tickets to events in different countries! However, all ticket sales can only be made in USD (United States Dollar), and the payout after your event has ended can only be sent to a U.S. based account. The ability to sell tickets in a foreign currency, and receive payouts to global accounts, is available with our Enterprise Licenses.

Typing in the location will determine where the event is held, including the country. 


Just be sure to select an autofill option when typing out your address since the map elements in Splash are powered by Google, and Google needs to recognize the location!


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