Performing a re-sync with the Salesforce Debugger

So, you've set up your global actions, mapped your Splash fields to Salesforce, and you're moving and grooving on your event.

While all we can hope for is a perfect, synchronous relationship between the two platforms, sometimes slight discrepancies can arise - very common when you're dealing with systems that process and store contact data in intricate ways.

With our Salesforce Debugger, you can easily surface errors that are causing inconsistencies between your Splash event data and Salesforce campaign data, take proper action to correct them, and re-sync your guests with the touch of a button. 

How to Access the Salesforce Debugger

Head to your Splash Profile and click on the Salesforce tab. *This is also accessible by heading to your Integrations ( and navigating into your Salesforce integration

You'll notice this is the same place where you initially set up your integration.

Here's where you'll find the button to access the Debugger:


Not seeing this button? Connect with your Customer Success Manager to get it activated!

How to Perform a Re-sync Using the Debugger

Scenario: You're planning a VIP Happy Hour, and you noticed a guest in your Splash event seems to be missing from your Salesforce campaign.

Sounds like we need to get our re-sync on! Let's open up that debugger.

1. Plug in your event URL or event ID (found in the Site Metadata tab of your Event Settings).

2. Under Choose Action, click Load your Full Guest List Report


This Report shows you all guests currently in your Salesforce campaign, each complete with:

  • Splash Contact ID
  • Name
  • Email
  • Salesforce ID
  • Guest ID
  • Guest Created
  • Guest Modified
  • Salesforce Campaign Member ID
  • Splash Status
  • Salesforce Status

3. You'll notice you have the ability to toggle between View all Guests and View Errors Only. Popping into View Errors Only will show you guests that have not synced over to your Salesforce Campaign (each as a red line item).

4. Here is where you can attempt a quick re-sync by clicking the blue Re-sync Guest List Report Errors button:


Note that it will take a few minutes for these guests to re-sync - especially if you're re-syncing a large amount of guests!

5. Once you've waited a few minutes, navigate back to the home screen of the Debugger and this time, choose the Load Salesforce Error History action. This shows you the entire history of Salesforce errors that have occurred for this event.


6. Find the guest name AND timestamp of when you performed the re-sync (we want to make sure we're looking at the most up-to-date error affecting the re-sync!). Click to View Log. 


Inside this Salesforce Error Log is where you'll find the exact error affecting your Splash guest from syncing to Salesforce highlighted in red.


Unclear on how to decipher this error? Check out Salesforce's internal documentation on error codes. 

In our example, a required Lead field on the Salesforce side is missing from the Splash side - a super common error we see!

The action item to correct this error is:

a) Adjust your Salesforce instance so the field is no longer required OR

b) Make sure this required field on Salesforce also exists as a required field on the Splash side! You can do so by adding the field as a custom question on your Splash RSVP form and then backfill the data for this guest (and any other!) by editing their RSVP information directly.

7. Once you're made your adjustment, it's time to perform (hopefully the last!) re-sync by repeating steps 1-4 shown again below:


8. Now, when we go back to view our Full Guest List Report, we'll notice that there are no longer any errors! Searching for our guest will yield us a nice clean line item - indicating this guest has successfully synced over to Salesforce.



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