Why isn't my event showing up in the Events Dashboard?

Having trouble finding the right event page in your Events Dashboard? If your event page is MIA, check out the below video:

Step 1 - Check for editing access

1. Visit the URL of your event page. 

2. If you see the Splash icon in the top right corner when visiting your event page, you have editing access. Woo hoo! Continue to step 2.

Pro tip: if you've sent emails or received RSVP notifications, confirmation emails for these actions will contain links to your event page.

If you do not have editing access and should, please contact your team lead or the event organizer of the page using the Contact the Organizer link in the footer of the page.

Step 2 - Check if the page is a theme

If you have editing access but the event isn't in your Events Dashboard, it may be saved as a Theme which is a template for your pages. 

1. View your Themes Dashboard. Don't have access? No worries, just let us know

2. See the event?

If so, we'll create a new theme for you to use and revert this page back to a regular event.

If not, reach out to us with the event page's URL and the email address you log into Splash.

Step 3 - Create a new theme and change the page back to an event 

First, we'll check to see who else has access to create pages with this theme. Then, we'll create a new theme for your team to use so you can change the page back to a regular event. You'll want to grant the same team access to the new theme you create!

1. Hover over the Theme card and choose Theme Options.


2. Click on the Share Theme option to view and share themes.


3. Select the "Shared With" option to see who currently has access. Take a screenshot, or copy and paste this for later!


4. Close this window and then repeat steps 1-2.

5. Choose the Edit Theme option to open the page.


6. Open the Settings tab to duplicate this event.


7. Head to the new event you've created, and open the Design tab.

8. Click on the Theme gear icon to save this page as a theme. We recommend including the word "theme" in the title so you can identify it easily!

9. Head back to your Themes Dashboard and refresh.

10. Hover over the page that needs to be changed back to an event and select Theme Options.

11. Choose Unset as Theme to revert this page back to a regular event!


12. Repeat steps 1-3 for the new theme to share it with your team.


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