How do I add dynamic fields to my On-Page Confirmation?

Splash offers a variety of dynamic tags so that you can make your emails and confirmation messaging feel personalized. 

Adding Standard Dynamic Fields

We curate an increasingly comprehensive list of standard dynamic tags. You can find a complete exploration of them here, but to summarize they are marked by a set of brackets and specify a piece of information related to the event. A few, namely dates, can also have modifiers attached to them for things like formatting. A couple of examples might be:

  • [first_name]
  • [last_name]
  • [email]
  • [event_city]
  • [domain]

Let's take a look at putting these fields into action in an on-page confirmation!

1. Open the Confirmations tab.

2. Choose the type of On-Page Confirmation you'd like to modify: RSVP Yes, RSVP No, and/or Waitlist.

3. Insert any of the dynamic fields discussed above into the Headline or Message.

4. Click Edit if you'd like to style the design of the On-Page Confirmation.

5. Click the back button to return to the Confirmations tab.

6. Click Save.


7. Test it out by copying the link on the event overview page and pasting it in your browser's address bar. Submit a test RSVP and see the results!


Pro tip: You can also add HTML "<br></br>" tags if you'd like to insert a line break in the message!

Adding Custom Dynamic Fields

If you have set up custom questions on the RSVP Form, you can also include guest responses to those custom questions by inserting the custom field tags into the On-Page Confirmation.

This is a great feature for confirming a guest's choices!

Here's a quick refresher on where to grab that custom ID once you've saved the custom question.

1. Head to your Email tab.

2. Click on a draft you've already created or create a new email.

3. Within the email under the Advanced Options section, click View Personalization Tags.

4. Scroll down to find your custom field.

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