2/23/18 - Transfer email templates to your other events

Email templates aren't new in Splash - they've long been the lifeblood of host-to-attendee communication. But up until now, emails have been tied to themes, meaning inextricably tethered to event page templates.

Today's update makes it easy to transfer any email template to any of your events — a game changer for collaborating more efficiently. 

How it works:

1. Create a great email: design it, pen award winning copy, optimize the subject line, etc.

2. Save your email as a template.

3. Go to the newly saved template, and use the Transfer Template button.

4. Choose the event(s) you'd like to make the email accessible on, then transfer 'em.


Want to "try it" our for yourself? Click through the interactive tutorial below.
For the optimal experience, open it up in full-screen mode.

Open your event page's Email tab.

Go into the My Templates library - accessing any custom email template saved to your event page.

On the email you'd like to transfer, click the Transfer Template icon.

Choose the events you'd like to clone the email template to.

...as many as you'd like to!

Hit the Transfer button to finalize the action.

You're all set!

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